About Our Shop

Your local Village Store nestled in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Plaxtol Village Store, just in The Street

Plaxtol Village Store is situated in ‘The Street’ in Plaxtol very near the Church, which is the central landmark of the Village. The Store is handy for all the basics and treats you want and need and is owned and run by very friendly and helpful staff. If you need anything that is not in stock then please ask Bal Pardesi (The Owner) and she will make every effort to source the item/s for you.

Some shop history

Originally owned by John Jones Bacon, known as JJ Bacon’s Stores. Before Mr Bacon came to Plaxtol the premises had been a gin shop.
In addition to groceries and fruit, JJ Bacon’s Stores sold carpets, linoleum, wallpaper, china, glass, oil lamps, paraffin, medicines, underclothes and a host of other products. The shop employed around 4 people and customers’ orders were delivered by means of a van pulled by a horse. Mr Bacon sold the shop in 1925 and, it was run for a short time by Mr J Cloke. The shop remained empty for a time until it became a greengrocer’s in the 1980s.  In the 1990s it was taken over by Ann and Derek Austin.
At this point it also became Plaxtol Post Office. It has seen many proprietors over the years. We have had a major refit at the end of 2017 and are now the only grocer’s shop in the village and within a 3.5 mile radius.

What Our Customers Have Said

“I love the village shop. It carries a little bit of everything from light bulbs, fire lighters, kindling to specialist meals,  wine and cheeses, along with all necessities, milk, fresh bread, papers etc etc, and if they don’t have what you want they try hard to supply it. 
Plaxtol Stores go out of there way with a smile to help you and have even delivered my shopping when I was too unwell to go out. It really is one of the main hubs of our little village.”

Angels Magic

We are so lucky to have our local Plaxtol Village Store.  Remember please if you don’t use we will lose it, it is so valuable to all of us. Thank you for being there.

Pat and David Gurney

I have relied on Plaxtol Village Stores for years for everything from food through to prescriptions and the Post Office. Because its here I have saved both hours of my life and money not having to make a special trip to a nearby town. Furthermore whenever I have done a cost comparison the few extra pennies on my shopping basket are always outweighed by the cost of travelling and parking at a larger store. I have also always found the shop team very happy to order in any specific items I want. Always giving a friendly welcome, the shop is one of the hubs of village life.

James Crawley